The Beef

Stubborn Farm and Burk Beef - Grassfed and finished beef | Mancos, Colorado

Our beef speaks for itself

Due to our superior genetics, healthy soil, high quality forage, animal welfare, and meticulous finishing, we can definitively say that we have the best beef around. We have spent decades breeding cows and selecting those whose calves can fatten solely on forage. We have also spent decades building our soil organic matter and balancing our nutrient composition to provide high quality forage to our cattle. All of our livestock are treated and handled in a low-stress manner that respects their inherent behavior as bovines. We follow all of this with a meticulous finishing program using our rich forage to produce delicious and nutritious beef and ensuring that our animals reach  their full genetic potential. We personally grade each carcass to ensure that it meets our customers’ standards. So fire up the grill and enjoy the fruits of our labor!

Where To Buy Our Beef

We sell our grass fed beef in a variety of location for your convenience.
For the time being, you can purchase our beef in-person at the following locations:

Direct From The Ranch

We sell beef direct from the ranch by appointment only. We typically keep a steady supply of individual cuts for you to purchase. Please Contact Us to schedule your purchase, or buy online through our web store (coming soon). The best way to access our beef is to purchase a half that is custom processed to your specifications. We take our animals to butcher in the fall. However, we do sell out of halves so get your order in early!

Farmers Markets

You will find our beef seasonally available at the Durango Farmers Market as well as Telluride Farmers Market.

Stubborn Farm and Burk BeefWholesale

Good chefs know good beef. These amazing establishments are proud to carry our beef: ​

Mahogany Grille
Absolute Bakery & Cafe
Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters
The Farm Bistro
Dunton Hot Springs
Dolores Food Market
Zuma Natural Foods

Black Cows Grazing on Pasture

Coming Soon

We're cooking up something great. Check back soon for grass fed beef products from our farm to your table, available online.