The Ranch

The Cattle

The Most Important Part of the Ranch

The Cattle - Stubborn Farm & Burk Beef | Mancos, ColoradoOur cattle have been bred in the Mancos Valley for over 100 years and have adapted to thrive in our unique climate and elevation. We have further selected them for ample musculature, ease of calving, and the ability to fatten solely on forage (no grain needed). We use the latest technology in DNA testing to quantitatively determine which animals will produce the best calves and thus, the best beef.

We have high animal welfare standards and treat our animals more as co-workers than commodities. Our modern handling facilities were constructed for a low stress experience for all parties involved.

The Grass

The Grass - Stubborn Farm & Burk Beef | Mancos, ColoradoThe pastures at Stubborn Farm & Burk Beef are managed for high quality forage while simultaneously improving the health of the soil and conserving water. We practice rotational grazing and give each field ample recovery time before being grazed again.

We do not use herbicides which has allowed for an incredibly diverse blend of species to establish in our pastures. This gives the cattle a wide variety of flavors to choose from based on what they think they need at the time.

We produce a majority of our own hay and strive to feed our cows the highest quality hay we can produce.

The Water

The Lifeblood of Agriculture

The Water - Stubborn Farm & Burk Beef | Mancos, ColoradoOur water starts as snow, high up in the La Plata mountain range, and is generously delivered by the Mancos River. This precious resource is vital to our operation and is treated with the utmost respect.

We use as much data as we can get our hands on to inform our irrigating. We replenish the moisture in the soil at a rate and frequency that is optimal for forage production without saturating the soil to the point of nutrient leaching.

Whenever possible, we shut off our irrigation, conserving millions of gallons per year.

Black Cows Grazing on Pasture

Coming Soon

We're cooking up something great. Check back soon for grass fed beef products from our farm to your table, available online.